About us

We are Aldea Nōmade,
exclusive residences in the beautiful Island of Roatán!

A new lifestyle in Roatan

Aldea Nōmade is a residential complex with 29 villas, in Roatan, Bay Islands in Honduras.

Located in the heart of Roatan, it is a private area with all the amenities you need to start living your dream in paradise: controlled access, high-speed internet, green gardens, and multiple amenities for your whole family.

The most exclusive residential area on the island!

Surrounding Areas

One of the advantages of Aldea Nōmade is its central location in ​​the island of Roatan.


4 minutes from the Airport

Las Palmas Beach

3 minutes from Las Palmas Beach


7 minutes from the mall

Escape to the second
largest coral reef in the world.

The beautiful Island of Roatan is the Caribbean’s hidden gem.

The jewel of Honduras

Roatan has a colorful history with stories of Indians, invaders, pirates, buried gold, and a mixtures of cultures and languages.

Diversity is perhaps the best way to describe the collection of culture that has created Roatan’s unique way of life. Tourism is the main industry on Roatan. Cruise ships and planes attract thousands of tourists. 

Roatan has a warm climate and equally warm and friendly communities, you will start to feel at home right away.